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In Our next few lessons, you will revisit PPC Search Marketing. This first lesson in the series will outline the general principles and strategies of Search Marketing. From there, we will address the specifics of campaign management in upcoming lessons. You will learn how to effectively sell your products and promote the SFI opportunity by using PPC Search Marketing.


As discussed in previous lessons, the term "PPC" stands for "Pay Per Click." This defines a type of advertising charged for on the basis of the number of clicks that you receive from the advertiser’s site, rather than on the amount of exposures or the length of time your ad appears. I, and others, often refer to advertising on the search engines as "PPC." This is accurate, but the terminology can be more specific. The custom has become to refer to advertising on search engines, with your ad placed according to the terms used in a search, as "Search Engine Marketing" or "Search Marketing" for short.

What we are talking about specifically is Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly "Overture"), Google AdWords, and similar advertising programs on the major search engines. (You will note that in previous coverage of this subject in this course, Overture had not yet been purchased by Yahoo!. When Yahoo! purchased Overture, Overture became "Yahoo! Search Marketing.")


I have been intending to write again about Search Marketing for some time now. Each time I have started to do so, however, I came across some indication that things were about to change significantly. Thinking that I would wait until things settled down, I have postponed writing on the subject. One of the indications that things were about to change was an announcement from Yahoo! that it was completely revising its Search Marketing interface. Another indication was an announcement from Microsoft that it was unveiling a Search Marketing program for its MSN search engine. This one was followed only a month or so later by an announcement that it was postponing the launch of its new search marketing program. Other matters indicating flux have been two class actions lawsuits against Yahoo over its search marketing program. One of the class actions claims failure to protect against Click Fraud. (Click Fraud is a hot topic is Search Marketing now, which we will discuss later in this series.) The other class action lawsuit claims failure to notify advertisers when the advertisers could reduce their bid and still hold their position. There have been several other things as well. That these things kept popping up has caused me to postpone these lessons.

I have now realized, however, that there is no point in waiting any longer. Things will never truly settle down with search marketing. Not for the foreseeable future anyway. All things pertaining to the Internet are always in flux, but that doesn’t prevent us from getting a grip on them. Like photographing a moving train, we just have to set a fast shutter speed and grab a picture. Although somewhat blurred by the speed, there is a lot we can learn from that picture.

I make a point of this so that you will not approach this subject thinking that anything is written in stone. Those who read these lessons in the future may find that many things have changed. So be it. But, as always, we will discern the lasting principles. We have to look at the specifics of today, even though they may change tomorrow, in order to do that. Before we get to any specifics, however, I want to cover some of the lasting principles and strategies.


Search Marketing has become extremely important to Internet marketers. As competition for PageRank and search engine position has skyrocketed, Search Marketing is now, in many cases, the only realistic way to get traffic for your site immediately. You can still achieve a good search engine positioning for your new Website, but it takes more time and effort now. Most of us want some immediate results after putting forth the effort to build a new Website. We want to begin testing the effectiveness of our new site right away. The way to get these immediate results is through Search Marketing. Within minutes after finishing a new Website and creating Search Marketing accounts with the search engines, you can have targeted traffic coming to your site.


PPC Search Marketing is for those who have some money available and budgeted for advertising. Even if you cannot afford it right now, however, it is wise to begin to learn it now. As you begin to earn money from your free advertising efforts, you can allocate some of those earnings to Search Marketing to increase your results. Whether you have money from other sources or whether you earned it with your free advertising efforts, everyone who ventures into Search Marketing should be careful to use their money wisely.

Thus, I cannot overemphasize the importance of a sound, well-thought-out strategy, carefully followed in your Search Marketing campaigns. In one sense, Search Marketing is like gambling—you may be able and willing to throw money at it, but if you do not know what you are doing or lack a clear strategy, you can lose a lot of money in a hurry. That is, if you are not careful, you can spend a lot of money on Search Marketing in a short period of time and have no results to show for it. It is crucial that you carefully develop a clear and effective strategy before you ever deposit any money—and that you carefully follow that strategy until you have sound reason to modify it.

For example, it can cost several dollars per click to have the first position for some of the very competitive keywords. Only a small percentage of the people who visit your site will result in conversions (i.e. actually buy your products or sign up for your programs). If you have to spend $100 to get one conversion that is only worth $10 to you, then you are losing money...and losing it fast! If you set your sites on obtaining the first position in the search engines’ advertising section for the most competitive keywords, rather than setting your sites on getting the most return for your investment, you can spend a lot of money in a hurry—with very little return on that money.

The secret to effective Search Marketing is to maintain a position that will bring you enough traffic to have conversions, but at a low enough cost per conversion to allow you a decent return on your investment. More on this later.


Before going further, let’s make sure you understand what we are talking about when we discuss "Search Marketing." Pull up your Web browser and go to yahoo.com. Type in a search for whatever comes to your mind. After you have submitted a term or phrase to be searched, a search results page comes up. On the top of the left hand column of the results page, there will be zero to five links with a darker background. If there are no links here with a darker background, you have chosen some pretty obscure search terms. The absence of any links with a darker background means that no one has selected your search terms in an active Search Marketing campaign. Usually there will be at least two or three. (If there are no links with a darker background resulting from your search, try more popular search terms until you do get links with a darker background.) If you were to click on one of these links with a darker background, the owner of that Website would incur a charge from Yahoo! The charge would be the amount that the Webmaster has currently bid for those search terms (keywords).

Now look over to the right hand column of the search results page. There may be some more links there. If there are links in the right hand column, those are also advertising links and the Webmaster will incur a charge if you click on them. If there are links there, it will say at the top of the column "Sponsor Results."

Now look back at the left hand column and scroll to the bottom of the page. Here again, there may be some links with a darker background. These, like the ones at the top of the left hand column and all those in the right hand column, are also ‘sponsored links’. The Website owners will pay if those links are clicked.

The numbered links in the left hand column without the darker background are your actual search engine results. There will be no charge to these Website owners if you click on these links. Those Websites have earned their position in the search results due to an evaluation of all the factors that Yahoo considers in awarding search position. These links are there to serve the users of the Yahoo search engine. They are there without charge because Yahoo has determined them to be quality sites that are very relevant to the search terms used by the visitor to the search engine. Thus, as we have said before, the search engines balance the need to provide relevant, quality links for their users with the need to earn revenue from those who are willing to pay for clicks to their site. They also attempt to make the sponsored links relevant by tying them to specific search terms. Their guidelines will not let you tie your links to keywords that have no relevancy to your landing pages.

Now, pull up the Google search engine in your browser. Search for the same terms you used in Yahoo. Here you see pretty much the same setup—the only possible exception being that Google doesn’t appear to put highlighted links at the bottom of the left hand column. Otherwise, everything we just said about the Yahoo results is also true regarding the Google results.

Then, go to Ask.com and you again get similar results on the left column (darker background on sponsored links at the top and bottom of the page), but a little variation on the right column. Instead of individual sponsored links in the right column, Ask.com has category links, which lead to full pages of sponsored links for that category. The categories listed in the right column are related to the search terms used, of course, but give a broader coverage by linking to category pages rather than individual sites.

There are several other search engines that also allow you to bid to appear as sponsored links for specific search terms. Your bid is the amount you are willing to pay when your link is clicked by a visitor. You pay nothing until someone actually clicks on your link and visits your site, regardless of the number of times your link may appear but go unclicked. Hence, the term PPC (pay-per-click).

Your position in the sponsored results (i.e., whether you appear 1st, 2nd, or 50th, in the list of sponsored links) depends upon the amount of your bid. The higher bids appear higher in the list.

Having a link to your Website appear in the sponsored results (either on the left side with a darker background on in the right column – or on a category page linked to from the results page on Ask.com) in search engines when certain keywords are searched is the subject of PPC Search Marketing.


When you sign up for a Search Marketing account with a search engine, you are then asked to create titles and descriptions for your links (often called "ads"). These ads link to certain pages on your Website, referred to as "landing pages." You then tie these ads, in turn, to certain keywords that people may use in their searches on the search engine. You then set "bids" or amounts you are willing to pay when clicks result from your ads showing up when people search for specific keywords. You can set different amounts for different keywords. In most search engines, you can also set daily and monthly limits on the amount spent for these clicks. Your ad will run until your daily limit is reached each day. It will then show up again the next day and run until the daily limit is reached again. This will continue each day until your monthly limit is reached. When your monthly limit is reached, your ad will be retired until the next month when the process will start over again. In other cases, you make a deposit into your account and your ads run until your account is depleted. Your ad is then retired until you replenish your account.

Remember that your goal is to get the most conversions (people clicking to your site and actually buying something or joining your program) for the least amount of advertising costs. To reach this goal, you need to develop some skill in Search Marketing.

The key skills you need to develop to be successful at Search Marketing are:

  • Keyword Generation—Strategies for identifying which keywords or keyphrases to use for your subject matter and how many keywords or keyphrases to use at a time.
  • Writing Effective Titles and Descriptions—Your ads have Titles and Descriptions. You want to write titles and descriptions that will "qualify" your visitors. That is, you do not want the idly curious to use up your funds by clicking and then leaving. Instead, you want to write your ads to be attractive—but only to those most likely to buy your products or join your programs once they click to your site.
  • Designing Effective Landing Pages—Designing pages specifically for a particular ad or keyword and then directing your Search Marketing clicks for that ad or keyword to that ‘landing page’ in a way that will create the most conversions. (Remember that by ‘conversions’ , we mean getting people to buy your products or sign up for your programs.)
  • Bidding Strategies—Keyword bidding is highly competitive. You are in competition with many others for the business of those who search for your chosen keywords. You must develop good strategies to get these customers at the least cost.
  • Tracking Strategies—How to tell if your campaigns are working. What to test, what to track, and how to analyze this data to get results by reducing your cost per conversion.
  • Understand the Guidelines—Knowing how to get your listings approved by the search engines for the keywords you want to use.
  • Campaign Management—Knowing what ads to use when, what keywords to use when, how much to bid, what limits to set, which landing pages to use with which keywords and which ads, and how to manage these settings in the interface when you log into your Search Marketing controls in particular search engines.

In this series of lessons, we will work on developing these skills. Your goal is to develop these skills to the point where you make significantly more money from the conversions resulting from the advertising than you spend for the advertising. When you reach this point, the more money you invest in Search Marketing, the more money you will make. Your online marketing system will then be a true money-making machine. Put $1 in and get $2 out! Put $100 in and get $200 out. It will take some work to get there, but when you do, just imagine how profitable it will be!


Even though PPC Search Marketing is in a state of flux, it is important to begin now to learn the skills necessarily to do it effectively. With the proper knowledge and skills, you will be able to obtain traffic to your site that will result in conversions. When your skills are honed, you will be able to do so while spending less to obtain the traffic than you make on the conversions resulting from the traffic. That is, you will be making profit! The skills needed are:

  • Keyword Generation
  • Writing Effective Titles and Descriptions
  • Designing Effective Landing Pages
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Tracking Strategies
  • Guideline Compliance

This set of skills will allow you to engage in effective Campaign Management, resulting in a profitable online business. The next few lessons will be devoted to developing those skills.

Manohar Mattu

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Veg Recipe


Paneer cooked in a rich gravy flavoured with mint  

Preparation Time :5 minutes  

Cooking Time :12-15 minutes  

Servings :4



Heatoil in a pan. Add black cardamoms, green cardamoms, cloves, blackpeppercorns and cinnamon and sauté. Add broken green chillies, gratedonions and continue to sauté till the onions brown lightly.Tie up the mint sprigs together and add to the pan. Bruise the leaveslightly, add one and a half cups of water and mix. Add poppy seed pasteand mix. Add salt and bring the gravy to a boil. Let it simmer forthree to four minutes.Take the mint sprigs out and add the paneer triangles. Mix with a lighthand and cook for three to four minutes or till the paneer trianglesare heated through.Add fresh cream and take it off the heat.Serve hot.

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List Jumper is the newest concept in list building.

List Jumper is the newest concept in list building. Even if you refer absolutely nobody you can still mail to fresh responsive members on a regular basis.


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Ten Tips ToTurbo-Charge Your Income


Ten Tips ToTurbo-Charge Your Income

Small Action Steps That Will Make A Difference To Any Home-BasedBusiness

by Elizabeth H. Cottrell, IAHBE Editor

The New Year always brings optimism, good intentions, freshstarts, and a few new actions. Invariably,however, we get bogged down in the same old routines, excuses, patterns, anddelusions. As I write this, it is early 2009 and I am 58 years old (for a few moremonths). I have been putting some professional priorities on theback burner for far too long and I am declaring to you right nowthat this is going to be my year to begin breaking free from old, worn-outways. The checklist in this article, though written in the context of a newyear’s resolutions, is timeless and can be used at any time of the year, anyyear of the century. The operative word in the subtitle is “action.” Until youput something into action, it won’t help you. The next operative word is“small.” None of these things, by themselves, is hard to do. So there’s noexcuse!

1. Spend some timethinking. Thisexercise will help you focus your efforts and save you a tremendous amount oftime down the road by enabling you to prioritize better and work smarter. It’s astep that we so often hate to take because we think we don’t have time. TAKE THE TIME for this step.

Carveout an hour or two, preferably a morning or an afternoon. Don’t answer calls; don’t check e-mails; gointo a room by yourself with a legal pad and ask yourself thefollowing questions and write down the answers:

What am I really good at? What things do others comment on that I do well?Of all the things that I do in a week (month, year in my business), what things really give me satisfaction…make my heart sing?Of all the things that I do in my business, what things do I really dislike the most?Which clients or client jobs give me the most satisfaction? Which give me the most heartburn?Which products or services in my business offer the most return for my time invested?Now,look at your answers and compare them to the ways you are spending your time.If you’re spending too much time on things that you’re not good at or thingsthat you don’t like doing or things that don’t return much income, then it’stime to delegate or drop some things off of your “To Do” list.

2. “Systematize,Automate, and Delegate.” Andy Jenkins teaches this strategy for workingsmarter. He says to make a list of everything you do in your business day today and then break it down into discrete tasks, as detailed as possible. Thiswill take many pages (he says for him, it was 35 pages), but when you’refinished, you can look for patterns and find things to automate and otherthings to delegate. Read his excellent blog entry (see Sources below) fordetails on how to get your business running much more smoothly.

3. Increaseyour fees or prices by at least 10-15% right now. Home-based entrepreneursare famous for under-pricing the market. They have a misguided sense that theyhave to charge less to compete with “the big guys.” Not so! Before you freakout completely from this advice to increase your fees, do the math. In orderfor you to LOSE money by raising your price 15%, you’d have to lose 33% of ALLof your sales for that particular service or product. You may lose a fewclients, but research shows that most of your clients won’t even notice; infact, you are much more likely to increase your income and gain other clientswho will be attracted by the intangible fact that you value yourself enough tocharge appropriately for your product or service.

4.Add value to your current products or services. This is the secret to offsetting anypotentially negative aspects to raising your prices. The result will not onlyincrease sales but will increase customer satisfaction in their perception ofwhat they are buying. Read Jenkins and Lemberg’s “MBA in a Box” (see Sourcesbelow) to find out how to add so much value to your offering that a priceincrease will seem like a great deal to your customers. The gist of theiradvice is to remember that you’re not just selling a product or service.There’s a lot that goes along with that, and we—as sellers—need to remind ourcustomers how much value there already is in such things as extra features,delivery, installation, your customer service, your reputation, your guarantee,convenience, terms, etc. Note that we’re not adding cost to the product orservice, we’re just painting a more accurate picture to the customer of thetrue value of what they’re buying.

5. Revivean untapped source of clients by sending an e-mail, postcard, or letter to everyone withwhom you have ever done business and bring them up to date with your currentproducts and services, providing them with your current contact information,Website, and e-mail. Andy Jenkins says to make it sort of like a survey and toalways include a special offer. If you have been diligent about keeping theire-mails, one e-mail from you alone may generate lots of sales. Don’t forget animportant rule about sending group e-mails: put the e-mail addresses in the Bcc(Blind carbon copy) field instead of the To field or the Cc field so that theiraddress will be invisible to all recipients.

6.Reward your existing clients and customers. Send them a coupon or a small gift, perhaps even justa personal note or letter expressing your appreciation for their business. Themore personalized your gesture is, the better. Remind them that in these hardeconomic times, their business is so important and so valued by you. Stay intouch with them—through e-mail, newsletter or telephone. Let them know whenyou’ve got a new product or service. Even if they’re not in the marketthemselves, they can be turned into ambassadors to tell their friends andfamily.

7.Always be in networking mode. Have a stash of business cards with you at all times, andgive them out generously, even when you hand them out in social settings morethan business settings. That person who gets your card may eventually needwhatever product or service you are selling…or know someone who does. Alwaysask if they have a business card too, and follow up with an e-mail or notesaying how nice it was to meet them. If you find a way to help them or providethem with helpful information, so much the better.

Alwaysuse a signature at the end of your e-mails. It should include some informationalor tantalizing text about your business. Just the other day, I got an e-mailfrom a business associate of my sister’s who does executive coaching. She hadforwarded him an e-mail from me with a compliment about their company Website,and he happened to notice, in my signature, that I did resumés as part of mydesktop publishing and writing business. He wrote me, and we are now incollaboration on ways that he can refer his clients to me if they need helpwith their resumé.

8.Schedule some learning time into every week. One of the hallmarks of successful entrepreneurs istheir mastery of their field. Clients will pay more when they confidence inyour expertise and ability and knowledge of your product or service. We’ve allbeen in stores where the salesperson was unfamiliar with their products and notvery helpful. Contrast that with someone who knew not only the specificationsof the product but was familiar with the potential uses, the situations a buyermight encounter, and prepared to answer almost any question or concern youmight have. This not only increases the chances for a sale, but it vastlyincreases the chances for repeat sales. The sources of your learning willdepend, of course, but look in industry journals, professional associationWebsites, and manufacturers’ product literature (if you sell products). Besidesimpressing others, this knowledge will build self-confidence in you.

9. Makefriends with technology. This is related to both #2 (Automate) and #8 (Learn). Technology has revolutionizedthe ability of entrepreneurs to operate world-class businesses from ahome-based office, especially in the areas of Internet and Communications.Don’t be afraid of it or get overwhelmed by it. Get help when you need it, andbe willing to pay others to do things you don’t want to do yourself. Our ownstaff writer, Yank Elliott, has provided some terrific Tool Reviews of varioussoftware and other technologies that can make a big difference for home-basedbusiness owners. IAHBE members should definitely check the archives for theseexcellent sources of information. Keep an eye on the technology articles in BusinessWeek.comand Entrepreneur.com.Harnessing the power of technology can enable you to create a business presencethat appears to have a much larger staff than otherwise. As with any tool,however, technology can be mis-used, so knowledge is power!

10.Make time for yourself. Why is it that we’ll keep appointments, promises, and commitments toother people faithfully, but we won’t do the same for promises we makeourselves…promises to take time off, to live a healthier lifestyle, to spendmore time learning about our field or trade, to write that article or book, tolearn that language, to visit that aging relative. Make just one more list—a“bucket list” if you will (those things you’d like to do before you “kick thebucket”;). When possible, put a timeframe after the items on your list and referback to it regularly. Put these things into your calendar (or steps toachieving them) the same way you would schedule any other importantappointments.

Itend to “hit the floor running” in the morning, but I’ve changed my dailyroutine to allow at least an hour of quiet time—prayer, contemplation,reflection, and…yes…business thinking. On those days when I adhere to it (andI’m getting much better), I find that my productivity is much better and mysense of well-being soars. I spend more time on the right things, and thebottom line of my business reflects this directly.

Youcannot wait until you have time to do these things. You have to MAKE time to dothem. When you do, the most amazing thing happens: you’ll have more time to dothe things you really want and need to do, and you’ll earn more money for thetime you spend on your business.


To Your Success,

Manohar Mattu

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