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... On December 13th, 2008, our new team signed up into a top downline program at the same time.

We instantly crashed two servers and registered over 2,500 positions within just 24hrs.


Since then we have launched many times with thousands of members making profits including with our own Team OrangeMoon branded programs. With our own popular reinvestment strategy, we all help even more of our members into online profits, most for the first time ever.


With our huge forum, our team is now a community of people that are discovering for the first time ever how team work really does work!

On May 31st 2009, we are launching a brand new program to the thousands of our members.


NOW is the time to join!

If you are looking for online success and no-one else has helped you, then you have just found your answer!


 (If you do not have a username for a sponsor, then please leave

that field blank. Also please try and use a GMail account only)


  Your sponsor's username is: manu55


Click here: http://www.Team-OrangeMoon.com/?manu55



We have turned downline building on its head and have made it simple! Instead of joining a

program and struggling to fill a downline, we have a team of thousands, ready to join a

downline and dominate it, earning profits for every member of the team!


Sign up now and receive over $500 in FREE advertising bonuses!




My name is Thomas Sullivan and you may have already heard of me or may even already be a member of one of my downlines already. I have been an Internet Marketer for over 6yrs but it wasn't until a few months ago that I finally hit the jackpot and discovered a program that actually earned me a huge profit instead of just costing me money.


Since then I have created a huge list of members and joined numerous programs and helped create massive downlines. I have become a leader in many of the programs and downlines that I have joined.


The key to any successful downline is finding people in it that can help build it. This is where most people fail and also why most downline builder programs collapse.


Click here: http://www.Team-OrangeMoon.com/?manu55




I know how to build downlines!






If you are even considering joining Team Orangemoon, don't wait a minute longer, because it will be the best move you will make if you want to make easy money online as a member of the most supportive group of people you will ever meet!

EVERYONE who joins this team realizes how lucky they are, because making money online is TRULY a group effort here, with members who are very seasoned marketers, as well as Internet newbies. EVERYONE makes money on this team, and we have wonderful leadership, administrators, and a forum that will answer any of your questions!
Sign up NOW and you will find monetary wealth, as well as an amazing group of team mates ready to welcome you to the group!!

Welcome aboard!

Katherine R.



Now, I am not an internet marketing genius by any means. I have spent a lot of time learning, failing, succeeding and failing some more to learn what is needed to succeed online, and after 6yrs, I know how to build a team and I know how to advertise.

This is where most people fail and give up! We have totally eliminated this problem as we join a program as a team and as a team we all succeed and profit!


Can you imagine what it will be like to join a program and have

hundreds, even thousands of people joining under you instantly?



This is your chance. I have created 'Team Orangemoon'. This is an elite team of members that will join a program as one team, meaning that we can dominate any downline program.


Click here: http://www.Team-OrangeMoon.com/?manu55


'Team Orangemoon' is the elite Downline Builder

team on the Internet and with us, everyone profits!





Hi Thomas,

 I just want to take this time to tell you and everyone else how honoured I am to be a part of this TEAM. I must say, with Team Orangemoon you have revolutionized making money on the internet!

My angels were definitely looking out for me when I found out about this amazing opportunity!! Rarely do you find everything that you offer here wrapped so neatly in one package. You have actually given people a new option in today's failing economy...a chance to better themselves financially without all the hard work you'd be expected to put in elsewhere, a warm, friendly atmosphere in which to do it and the most amazing group of people to work with that I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I cannot thank you enough for creating Team Orangemoon and for sharing it with the world!
A note to those reading this: If you have been looking in vain for a way to make money online, you need look no further, YOU HAVE FOUND IT......JOIN US RIGHT NOW....YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!

With My Deepest Gratitude,

Patricia C. ( USA GEORGIA)



In our first program launch, 12 days after we began Team Orangemoon, we crashed two large servers within seconds of launching our team. This was rectified very quickly, but it woke the internet community to the power of team building and of Team Orangemoon.


This is how our team works:

·         Everybody on our 'Team Orangemoon' team receives a link of a tried and tested forced-matrix*, downline program! When we send this link there will be thousands of people in our team ready to sign up immediately!

* (A forced-matrix means that when a level in a downline has been filled, new members spillover into the downlines of other members. ie: In a 3x10 forced matrix, once level #1 of the 3 new positions had been filled, all further referrals from the person at the top of the matrix would spill over into levels #2, #3 etc, filling all vacant spots.)

The thousands of members of our team all join under the link and the spillover means that all members will fill all vacant spots in the matrix, earning profits as their downline fills under them with Team Orangemoon


·         members.


What about the team members that join last and end up at the very bottom of the matrix?


We are committed to helping all Team Orangemoon members succeed and achieve profits.


When we launch our next program, those members that signed up last into our previous team program will be sent the link first. That means thousands of members signing up under them earning them instant profits!


Our target is to MAKE SURE that every member of Team Orangemoon earns a profit, regardless of when they sign up into the new programs that we promote.


Click here: http://www.Team-OrangeMoon.com/?manu55


BRAND NEW - The Team OrangeMoon 'Pay It Forward' Fund.


We now have a fund that is available for those that need help with purchasing their first positions. As a team we will help everyone that joins Team OrangeMoon succeed!


We join as a team and we will succeed as a team!




Hi Thomas

Thank you so much for creating Team Orangemoon!! I was one of the first to sign up, and subsequently managed to get my positions before the server crash. Being in Melbourne, Australia, meant that Launch time for me was 1 am! I ended up staying up until 4 am reading the

discussions, and hoping for those that hadn't gotten in before the server crash, to be able to ride out the storm and get their positions as soon as everything was up and running again. Imagine my surprise when I got up about 8 hours later and saw that not only had all my positions been confirmed, but my first position had already made me $3!!

Then, as the day went on, my second level filled and I was in profit!! So here I am today, approximately 36 hrs after launch, with heaps of positions yet to be confirmed at S4P, and I am in profit on one of my positions!! Over my 3 positions I have made 50% of my investment back, and I am anticipating that that will increase over the next 12 or more hours!!

To say that I am extremely happy is an understatement! My husband was kind of sceptical when I told him about Team Orangemoon, and the fact I was going to spend some of our extremely limited funds, on getting involved - imagine his delight when I told him that I had already made a profit on one of my positions!

I'm going to invest all of my time and efforts over the next months to Team Orangemoon, because I know that it is only as a team that we will be successful.

Thank you again for coming up with such a great concept!

Sandra M.



How many program links will I send out and how much will a program cost?


We have our own program that runs side by side with our programs and on top of this there will be no more than one new program sent out each month. This will give all of our team enough time to purchase their positions in both phases as well as allow us to set major advertising into place.


As we know that most people are restricted to the amount of money that they can put into a new program, we will only promote programs that are less than $25 to join. This may be changed at a later date once the first programs we join have earned everyone enough profit.


Also with most downline builder programs, there is an opportunity for multiple positions. This means that you can sign up for more than one position under the same email address and double, triple your profits or even more. In the past we have had members sign up for, and profit from up to 20 positions in a downline!



Our team will dominate any downline builder program or matrix program on the web!


Just imagine it! Our team will all join a program and instantly dominate it, with all of our team earning a profit. So, what do I need from you?

·         You must be able to commit to our team. Join our current downline and also when we send out a link for a new program for you to join, you need to be able to join it as soon as possible. Remember, there will be thousands joining from the link so the quicker you sign up the more profit you will make, (Everyone receives the link from our teams Social Networking site ensuring that everyone receives it at the same time).

Do you have more questions? Then check out our FAQ's by clicking here


Are you ready to join a team that will dominate every downline program and achieve huge success? If so, then join our team for Free now by registering your details above: 


IMPORTANT: This is a team of dedicated people who want to earn and succeed online. Please only join if you are ready to be a positive, committed member of our team.


As a team we will succeed!


Register for free now and receive over $500 in FREE advertising bonuses!


Click here: http://www.Team-OrangeMoon.com/?manu55




Hello Thomas,
Wow, what can I say? I am SO happy that I found Team Orangemoon. My inbox is flooded with so much garbage these days but some how I found a message leading me to the Team Orangemoon home page just a couple of days before the S4P launch. I thought "I am SO LUCKY!"

Now I KNOW that I am lucky because this morning when I was looking at my e-commerce account I found a commission payment from S4P for $39.00!! This comes just 6 days after the launch. I want to thank you for all the incredibly hard work you do and for caring so much about all of us! I want to be a part of this team for many years to come.. here's to our SUCCESS!!


Phillip Forrest
Austin, TX





Hi Thomas and Team OrangeMoon,

I am new to doing business on the internet and have been spending at least 6 to 8 hours a day for over a month looking for money making opportunities on the net. I happened upon Team OrangeMoon over and over again.


I read hours of information on the team and what was going on, I joined the team and read all the updates (great communication – all the emails, quick response to questions, etc. prove that there are real live people in the net that are trying to make a decent living on the net and are truly helping others do the same.)

Needless to say, I joined Sp4 before the launch and was I surprised to find a deposit in my PP account the day after the launch (12/15) 3 x my original investment. Yahoo!! I will take a part of my payout and reinvest as recommended to help others and myself (of course) and plan on the day when I can say “told you so” to all the naysayers out there who thought I was crazy investing in “crazy internet schemes”. Who’s crazy now?

I may not be able to quit my job today, but I bet I will in about 6 months to a year with Team Orangemoon!! Thanks again for such a great organization and a chance to make a few $$ on the net!

Michelle H.




My name is Douglas Gregory and I am very impressed with your Team Orangemoon, This is an incredible project that will help so many people. I myself had thoughts of doing a similar project but as always time was in my way. Also, throughout the years, others have started similar projects but either made you jump through hoops to get involved or were nothing more than flash in the pans.

 By you giving EVERYONE this opportunity, with your already successful network marketing background, I am sure this will
be nothing short of a spectacular and prosperous venture for all!

I am already in profit, which, with the launch problems (which have been handled beautifully by the way) is a great testimony of the great things to come from Team Orangemoon!

I will be promoting Team Orangemoon faithfully as you have proven to be a Fantastic Leader!

To all interested in Successful Network marketing, run, do not walk to join this highly motivated and active Team called Team Orangemoon

Doug G.




Team Orangemoon is an amazing new way to build your business on the internet! Thomas Sullivan has joined thousands of people working together to help each other earn money online. I had my first levels filled in 2 positions within hours of launch on our first group venture.

Join our Team Orangemoon Social Network Group and visit our forums to hear from thousands of excited members!

Michelle G.




Do not MISS this wonderful business opportunity:


Click here: http://www.Team-OrangeMoon.com/?manu55


Important Links and Admin Links are now at the bottom of this update.

x11th June 2009   


Welcome to the Team OrangeMoon Newsletter #91



"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"





I hope you are all well and a big welcome to our newer members. If you are new and haven't yet done so, make sure that you read our 'orientation website'. This will show you what we are, what we do and how you can get involved:



Update from Stan Jensen, owner of 3StarGalaxy, T1W and OTD:



AS OF :- 9.30pm 10th June 2009, here are the cycler stats.

Total amount of members : 1058
Amount of verified members : 1053
Total amount of members in matrix (paid members): 1006
Including: Twinkle Star: 667 members
Shining Star: 219 members
Wishing Star: 120 members

There have now been 40 Positions that have completely cycled out of Level 3- WISHING STAR.

These are the Amounts of Commissions PAID out So FAR:-
Total amount of earnings : $21720.00
Total amount of income deduction : $18715.00

Total amount in members accounts : $3005.00

As there is $3,000.00+ sitting in Members Accounts. Members should use this to purchase EXTRA Positions to keep the Matrix Rolling and help all our FELLOW "TOM" TEAM MEMBERS


I am still catching up on the Manual Re-entries. But hopefully within the next 24 Hrs. I will be up to date.

It does take approx 30 Mins + PER MEMBERS POSITION, WHO CYCLES to do all these Re-entries into the different Programs. So Members do need to be Patient.

This PROGRAM is an EXCITING SMALL FAST CYCLER so PLEASE do not let this become STAGNANT like many other Programs out there.

I have designed this MATRIX for ALL "TOM" TEAM Members, to get our OWN Programs MOVING again so PLEASE DO NOT think this is a GET RICH QUICK Program or make your $45.00 PROFIT and RUN.

This PROGRAM is a TEAM EFFORT if YOU DON'T SUPPORT IT, Purchase more Positions with your Profits and ADVERTISE then this will FAIL TOO .
( PLEASE REMEMBER:- DO NOT run yourself Short, take out the $10.00 you invested into it, THEN Purchase additional Positions to HELP YOURSELF and the "TOM" TEAM.)

I and our "TOM" ADMIN have spent countless HOURS and $1,000's trying to HELP ALL MEMBERS to EARN a SMALL PROFIT in our TEAM.





T1W, OTD & 3 STAR.



Thanks to Stan for that update, and as per his request and also the intelligent requests of many members, for Team OrangeMoon and these programs to succeed, we ALL need to do our bit. Whether that involves you using some of the tested advertising resources from our 'promotions' group at the forum and promoting your Team OrangeMoon link, or even giving a few bucks to the co-op, you ALL need to do your bit to help build YOUR program downlines. This isn't just an admin job but something that every Team OrangeMoon member should be doing!





It is very frustrating for all of the active members who understand the Team OrangeMoon concept and help build it, (see how I highlighted the word 'team' there), and it is incredibly annoying when members join expecting to earn off the back of the active members. Any spillover from our team build is a bonus and even despite this, everyone should show their support by helping build this team.

We have nearly 4,600 members at the forum, and yet less than a fifth of them bothered to show their support for this new program that was designed by Stan to help build two of our other programs. I certainly understand Stan's frustration.


Our other new program, EZAdsNCash is a joint build and as of the 1st July the S4P cashback incentive and promotion for this, into our team build, will occur, but already I have read comments from people who are wondering where their spillover is. WHAT!

It is only a few days old! To those people, what have YOU done to support this TEAM and this team build! Before you even ask us where the spillover is, ask what have YOU done to support this team build. If YOU have done nothing, then think carefully with regards to your next posting.


I would like to thank admin, Stan and a huge host of other supportive members that understand the concept of the team and Team OrangeMoon. Thank you.


To all those that join expecting to earn off the backs of the active members, read the orientation website again.

When you join a downline program, do you care who is above you and who is above them? Well you should, as it is them that will help build your downline. As a team we should all help build the team and everyone's downlines. We always have a great start with that with the launches, we need to capitalize on these to really grow these downlines. With everyone's help we can do this.


I could go on and on, but I think you must get the point that I am trying to make. Team OrangeMoon starts with the word TEAM.


Here is the links for our new cycler and EZAdsNCash:





Support your team and ultimately yourself.


As a result of the new cycler, the orientation website has been altered as well as the re-investment strategy:







This is now downloadable and if you have purchased one, then please just log into your Team OrangeMoon account, go to the 'protected zone' and you will be able to download it and save it to your computer from there.


I will be shortly looking at adding more payment options for this. This is still an excellent way for members to promote Team OrangeMoon and earn commissions for themselves at the same time. Once I have added the extra payment options, this should help conversions:






You will find the links at the bottom of this page to the TOM pages for our active admin team.




Thanks for reading and as always, here's to your success.



All the best,




P.S. Please STOP sending me new programs for consideration for our team. I have no plans to launch any new programs within our team for the foreseeable future until we have built on the five programs we already have.


"YOU are Team Orangemoon and as a team we will all succeed!"



(Clicking on these links above will open them in a new window)


Important Links:

Main Page - http://www.Team-Orangemoon.com

Team OrangeMoon forum - http://teamorangemoon.ning.com

Orientation Website - http://www.team-orangemoon.com/orientation.html

Blueprint to Online Success - http://www.team-orangemoon.com/Blueprint-to-Success.htm


Team OrangeMoon Admin team:

Ed Forshaw: http://teamorangemoon.ning.com/profile/EdForshawakaegf247

Kath Stent: http://teamorangemoon.ning.com/profile/Lifesdream

Patricia Cranford: http://teamorangemoon.ning.com/profile/PatriciaCranford

Ginger Howells: http://teamorangemoon.ning.com/profile/GingerHowells

Cheryl Parker: http://teamorangemoon.ning.com/profile/CherylParker

Scott Buchanan: http://teamorangemoon.ning.com/profile/ScottBuchanan

Pat Rogers: http://teamorangemoon.ning.com/profile/PatRogers

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Ten Tips ToTurbo-Charge Your Income


Ten Tips ToTurbo-Charge Your Income

Small Action Steps That Will Make A Difference To Any Home-BasedBusiness

by Elizabeth H. Cottrell, IAHBE Editor

The New Year always brings optimism, good intentions, freshstarts, and a few new actions. Invariably,however, we get bogged down in the same old routines, excuses, patterns, anddelusions. As I write this, it is early 2009 and I am 58 years old (for a few moremonths). I have been putting some professional priorities on theback burner for far too long and I am declaring to you right nowthat this is going to be my year to begin breaking free from old, worn-outways. The checklist in this article, though written in the context of a newyear’s resolutions, is timeless and can be used at any time of the year, anyyear of the century. The operative word in the subtitle is “action.” Until youput something into action, it won’t help you. The next operative word is“small.” None of these things, by themselves, is hard to do. So there’s noexcuse!

1. Spend some timethinking. Thisexercise will help you focus your efforts and save you a tremendous amount oftime down the road by enabling you to prioritize better and work smarter. It’s astep that we so often hate to take because we think we don’t have time. TAKE THE TIME for this step.

Carveout an hour or two, preferably a morning or an afternoon. Don’t answer calls; don’t check e-mails; gointo a room by yourself with a legal pad and ask yourself thefollowing questions and write down the answers:

What am I really good at? What things do others comment on that I do well?Of all the things that I do in a week (month, year in my business), what things really give me satisfaction…make my heart sing?Of all the things that I do in my business, what things do I really dislike the most?Which clients or client jobs give me the most satisfaction? Which give me the most heartburn?Which products or services in my business offer the most return for my time invested?Now,look at your answers and compare them to the ways you are spending your time.If you’re spending too much time on things that you’re not good at or thingsthat you don’t like doing or things that don’t return much income, then it’stime to delegate or drop some things off of your “To Do” list.

2. “Systematize,Automate, and Delegate.” Andy Jenkins teaches this strategy for workingsmarter. He says to make a list of everything you do in your business day today and then break it down into discrete tasks, as detailed as possible. Thiswill take many pages (he says for him, it was 35 pages), but when you’refinished, you can look for patterns and find things to automate and otherthings to delegate. Read his excellent blog entry (see Sources below) fordetails on how to get your business running much more smoothly.

3. Increaseyour fees or prices by at least 10-15% right now. Home-based entrepreneursare famous for under-pricing the market. They have a misguided sense that theyhave to charge less to compete with “the big guys.” Not so! Before you freakout completely from this advice to increase your fees, do the math. In orderfor you to LOSE money by raising your price 15%, you’d have to lose 33% of ALLof your sales for that particular service or product. You may lose a fewclients, but research shows that most of your clients won’t even notice; infact, you are much more likely to increase your income and gain other clientswho will be attracted by the intangible fact that you value yourself enough tocharge appropriately for your product or service.

4.Add value to your current products or services. This is the secret to offsetting anypotentially negative aspects to raising your prices. The result will not onlyincrease sales but will increase customer satisfaction in their perception ofwhat they are buying. Read Jenkins and Lemberg’s “MBA in a Box” (see Sourcesbelow) to find out how to add so much value to your offering that a priceincrease will seem like a great deal to your customers. The gist of theiradvice is to remember that you’re not just selling a product or service.There’s a lot that goes along with that, and we—as sellers—need to remind ourcustomers how much value there already is in such things as extra features,delivery, installation, your customer service, your reputation, your guarantee,convenience, terms, etc. Note that we’re not adding cost to the product orservice, we’re just painting a more accurate picture to the customer of thetrue value of what they’re buying.

5. Revivean untapped source of clients by sending an e-mail, postcard, or letter to everyone withwhom you have ever done business and bring them up to date with your currentproducts and services, providing them with your current contact information,Website, and e-mail. Andy Jenkins says to make it sort of like a survey and toalways include a special offer. If you have been diligent about keeping theire-mails, one e-mail from you alone may generate lots of sales. Don’t forget animportant rule about sending group e-mails: put the e-mail addresses in the Bcc(Blind carbon copy) field instead of the To field or the Cc field so that theiraddress will be invisible to all recipients.

6.Reward your existing clients and customers. Send them a coupon or a small gift, perhaps even justa personal note or letter expressing your appreciation for their business. Themore personalized your gesture is, the better. Remind them that in these hardeconomic times, their business is so important and so valued by you. Stay intouch with them—through e-mail, newsletter or telephone. Let them know whenyou’ve got a new product or service. Even if they’re not in the marketthemselves, they can be turned into ambassadors to tell their friends andfamily.

7.Always be in networking mode. Have a stash of business cards with you at all times, andgive them out generously, even when you hand them out in social settings morethan business settings. That person who gets your card may eventually needwhatever product or service you are selling…or know someone who does. Alwaysask if they have a business card too, and follow up with an e-mail or notesaying how nice it was to meet them. If you find a way to help them or providethem with helpful information, so much the better.

Alwaysuse a signature at the end of your e-mails. It should include some informationalor tantalizing text about your business. Just the other day, I got an e-mailfrom a business associate of my sister’s who does executive coaching. She hadforwarded him an e-mail from me with a compliment about their company Website,and he happened to notice, in my signature, that I did resumés as part of mydesktop publishing and writing business. He wrote me, and we are now incollaboration on ways that he can refer his clients to me if they need helpwith their resumé.

8.Schedule some learning time into every week. One of the hallmarks of successful entrepreneurs istheir mastery of their field. Clients will pay more when they confidence inyour expertise and ability and knowledge of your product or service. We’ve allbeen in stores where the salesperson was unfamiliar with their products and notvery helpful. Contrast that with someone who knew not only the specificationsof the product but was familiar with the potential uses, the situations a buyermight encounter, and prepared to answer almost any question or concern youmight have. This not only increases the chances for a sale, but it vastlyincreases the chances for repeat sales. The sources of your learning willdepend, of course, but look in industry journals, professional associationWebsites, and manufacturers’ product literature (if you sell products). Besidesimpressing others, this knowledge will build self-confidence in you.

9. Makefriends with technology. This is related to both #2 (Automate) and #8 (Learn). Technology has revolutionizedthe ability of entrepreneurs to operate world-class businesses from ahome-based office, especially in the areas of Internet and Communications.Don’t be afraid of it or get overwhelmed by it. Get help when you need it, andbe willing to pay others to do things you don’t want to do yourself. Our ownstaff writer, Yank Elliott, has provided some terrific Tool Reviews of varioussoftware and other technologies that can make a big difference for home-basedbusiness owners. IAHBE members should definitely check the archives for theseexcellent sources of information. Keep an eye on the technology articles in BusinessWeek.comand Entrepreneur.com.Harnessing the power of technology can enable you to create a business presencethat appears to have a much larger staff than otherwise. As with any tool,however, technology can be mis-used, so knowledge is power!

10.Make time for yourself. Why is it that we’ll keep appointments, promises, and commitments toother people faithfully, but we won’t do the same for promises we makeourselves…promises to take time off, to live a healthier lifestyle, to spendmore time learning about our field or trade, to write that article or book, tolearn that language, to visit that aging relative. Make just one more list—a“bucket list” if you will (those things you’d like to do before you “kick thebucket”;). When possible, put a timeframe after the items on your list and referback to it regularly. Put these things into your calendar (or steps toachieving them) the same way you would schedule any other importantappointments.

Itend to “hit the floor running” in the morning, but I’ve changed my dailyroutine to allow at least an hour of quiet time—prayer, contemplation,reflection, and…yes…business thinking. On those days when I adhere to it (andI’m getting much better), I find that my productivity is much better and mysense of well-being soars. I spend more time on the right things, and thebottom line of my business reflects this directly.

Youcannot wait until you have time to do these things. You have to MAKE time to dothem. When you do, the most amazing thing happens: you’ll have more time to dothe things you really want and need to do, and you’ll earn more money for thetime you spend on your business.


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